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Checkout immersive worlds from the past from artists we’ve worked with below!

The Sound of Spring

This was our first experiential exhibit where we had the wonderful chance to learn what worked, what didn’t and push out of our comfort zone!

Praying to a Porcelein God

Veroncia A. Perez took hold of the space to showcase the creations she made during quarantine.

Filtering The Cyan(otype) Sea

Artists Rachel Church and Melissa Bardsley created a divine underwater experience.


Amelia Garretson-Persans and Ian Hundt use light, robotics, and sound to captivate downtown Biddeford.

Reliquaries of Lost Saints

Rayne Grace-Hoke of Flora’s Muse created an EPIC altar space to showcase her many reliquaries.

Rachel Church


Melissa Bardsley


Veronica A. Perez


Amelia Garretson-Persans and Ian Hundt