About US!

What’s this all about??


At ProjectEmmersive we started out with the goal of supporting Maine’s non-traditional Artists by creating a workforce that can cater to a creatives needs. 

Needs such as, flexible scheduling, respectable wages, healthcare, and an opportunity to work in a creative environment.

Our big dream is to do this through an immersive entertainment venue in Maine. Maine is such a special place, and is ripe to be catapulted into the future of all things cool.

After a year of delicately maneuvering rotating immersive exhibits in our Biddeford location dubbed “The Magical Mystery Box” during the pandemic, we pivoted with the help of CEI Women’s Business Center, and mentorship through Tortoise Labs and Nick Ramsa to develop Maine Curated Creativity Boxes.

We have a lot of big love to Engine, the Creative Non-Profit in Biddeford and Tammy Ackerman for believing in us when we weren’t even sure if we believed in ourselves yet!

We’ve expanded our ability to take on donations for our future Portland physical location in Portland through Fiscal Sponsorship with Creative Portland. You can donate here! https://creativeportland.giv.sh/a8ef

We are so blessed and feel so grateful to live in such a vibrant creative economy that sees the importance of supporting each other. 

What started with a big dream, is slowly becoming reality. Just keep at it. Everyday!

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