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‘Praying to a Porcelain God’

Veronica A. Perez and ProjectEmmersive Collaborates.

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Artist in Residency

Interested in adding to your CV something a little…out of the ordinary?

An Art Residency in Biddeford is the best way to spend your summer. Come play, have fun, and create some amazing work with us. Our expectation is that you will be comitted to ProjectEmmersive for two months, atleast 6 hours within the box each week, and create a set of 6 pieces. We will help facilitate a gallery showing of your work. However you are inspired by the installations, is up to you. Learn some things, meet some people, expand your possibilities, and most of all HAVE FUN!


Don’t just get an internship anywhere. Get one where you can authentically grow. 

Do you have a flair for color? Maybe a curiosity about the stars, and the unknown? Share your wild nature with like minded curious creatives this summer. We are looking for a comittment for 2-4 months with a minimum of 10 hours each week. We are very flexible, and would love to tailor to your needs. Preference is made for those with any Adobe Suite experience, and those in school for Arts, Marketing, and Communications. 

Call To Artists & Collaborators

You’ve heard the news. You know EXACTLY the installation you’d like to do, and you can hardly breath. We know, we felt it before too! We’d love to work with you. Currently we do still have a few open spaces for either collaborators, or full installations. 

It’s also SUPER DUPER important to note, that we are not stopping here. Look out 2021! More permanent spaces and dreams coming to reality in the future. Let’s connect!

About Us

Faye Warner

If you’re ever met Faye, you know she is a presence in the room. Her vibrant nature, big smile, and curious nature sets her in the right place to be the Co-Founder of ProjectEmmersive’s “The Magical Mystery Box.” After trotting around the nation for a few years, she completed her degree in Psychology at USM, she felt at odds to continue onto her Phd, and instead tried the workforce. Working in creative environments is where she learned to thrive. To Faye, there’s nothing better than working for hours on a large installation, tired, sore, sweaty, and to see it fully come to life. From a young age, Faye drew on everything she could, created in wild ways, and always wanted to push the fold of “what if?” Her mother now realizes, it was never a phase. Her artwork has evolved over the years in mediums, however, watercolor will always be her first love. She enjoy’s building sets, creating lighting installations, getting her hands dirty, and learning about new technologies that are on the forefront of Immersive Arts. She DOES NOT enjoy getting zapped by her lighting installations, or paper cuts.

Sam Bullock

Sam Bullock is an artist, writer, and musician living in Biddeford, ME. She has done everything from oil painting and metal spin casting to fashion design, wildlife rehabilitation, lip balm production, and museum administration. Originally from New Hampshire, she has lived all over the country and obtained her BA in Painting and BA in Art History from Indiana University. Upon moving to Maine in 2008, she maintained a studio in the North Dam Mill where she recycled inner tubes into accessories and was a regular on the New England craft circuit before hanging up her leather punch and industrial needles in 2010. Sam has worked for a wide variety of museums and galleries as staff and volunteer, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Guggenheim/Hermitage in Las Vegas, the Canterbury Shaker Village in NH, and the Cooper Young Gallery in Memphis, TN. Currently, Sam is enrolled in graduate school and, when she isn’t studying, enjoys making small-scale rubber sculptures and singing at the top of her lungs.

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